Sonic participation in the evolving audio feedback system

ISEA 2016 Artist Talks

Link to the introduction of the original audio feedback system


First scenario: tension between the system’s feedback sounds and audience sound (with strong echo effect)

Second scenario: evolution of the structures processing the recorded audience sounds


광주에서 걸려온 전화 Calls from Gwangju

Interactive telephone booth installation with Sung Jun Yoo and Sungbo Shim
인터랙티브 전화부스 인스톨레이션

09/2011 ~ 10/2011
Gwangju Design Biennale
Gwangju Biennale Hall, Gwangju

광주에서 결려온 전화-2


arduino + max/msp + infrared distance sensors + speaker units & amps
아두이노, Max/MSP, 적외선 센서, 스피커로 구성
– 관객이 전화부스에 다가가면 전화기에서 벨소리가 울리고, 수화기를 들면 듣고 싶은 음성 메시지를 선택하라는 안내 문구가 들린다. 이에 따라 관객이 번호를 누르면 해당 음성 메시지를 들려주는 시스템 (음성 콘텐츠는 광주에 관련된 여러가지 이야기들로 구성됨)

스크린샷 2013-10-20 오전 12.40.32

빨랫줄 합창단 Airer Choir

Interactive airer installation
(former ‘Dadara-sun’)
– clothesline as a metaphor for a musical interface

Studio SEMI
KT&G SangSangMadang, Seoul
상상마당 Studio SEMI전 (v.4 전시)

Incheon Digital Art Festival (INDAF)
Tommorow City, Incheon
인천디지털아트페스티벌 (v.3 전시)

[NIME 2011 paper]


In this paper, we discuss the use of the clothesline as a metaphor for designing a musical interface called Airer Choir. This interactive installation is based on the function of an ordinary object that is not a traditional instrument, and hanging articles of clothing is literally the gesture to use the interface. Based on this metaphor, a musical interface with high transparency was designed. Using the metaphor, we explored the possibilities for recognizing of input gestures and creating sonic events by mapping data to sound. Thus, four different types of Airer Choir were developed. By classifying the interfaces, we concluded that various musical expressions are possible by using the same metaphor.

v.1 for a demonstration in a short indoor perofrmance
(optical sensors)

v.2 is a large-scale interactive installation that can be installed both indoors and outdoors

v.3 for Incheon Digital Art Festival (INDAF)
(acoustic resonance in pipes)

v.4 for Studio SEMI (Simple and Easy-to-use Musical Interfaces) exhibition
(piezo sensors)

Let it Out

Interactive installation with Laewoo Kang, Donggi Jeong and Songhee Jeong



‘Let it Out’ is an interactive sound installation that is built for musical performances in various environments. Peop can become involved in the performance by sending messages from their mobile phones. The transmitted messages move around in the space and disperse through the environment. The audiences in this environment can contact the performer and the surroundings by using SMS. The performer can also communicate with the audiences by managing the direction, size and motion of the text messages, which apper in that particular space. Both the audience and the performer can have a chance to communicate with the surrounding as well as with other members in the society.